Hell-sinki Questions

Is our country screwed? Does Putin have his claws in Trump's brain, or his hands on the other end of the strings stuck there? Is there something Putin knows about Trump that we don't? These are the questions the media has been asking, since the abomination that was the Helsinki summit between the two leaders. Even... Continue Reading →

No Thanks.

Here's what I've heard: You might be bothered by those who flirt with you when you're young; it's worse when you get older, and nobody flirts with you. Let me call bullsh*t on that. Especially because a female first said it. Who in her right mind would think it's preferable to be an object of... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Trump

Shall we? It's that 800-pound elephant in the room. Can I start with a little jab? Both he and the elephant are fat. Would that were enough. Have you been paying attention? CNN and MSNBC and SEXnews (yes, that's Fox) all went quiet about the North Korean summit until they and the rest of the... Continue Reading →

Here’s Something Fun

Here's something fun, in the midst of everything that is un-fun—all this totally effed-up, capitalistic, we-know-better-than-you shenanigans. Let's try something different. Here's where it starts, if we can remember, and I think we can: connection. I propose to you, that each time you check your phone, and every time you see if you've gotten an e-mail, all... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Healthcare

My husband is dying. This country is letting him die. Let me explain. His gallbladder is all wrong, producing stones that have his pancreas upset, again and again. The doctors finally found this out after five years of fuddling around, and more tests than the tax-payers should have to provide. Now he and I, and those behind-the-eight-ball... Continue Reading →

Sit in the Hospital …

... and listen. Because that's all you can do, until they give you your meds, or change your IV fluids, or ask you how many bowel movements you've had today, or what level your pain is. You'll pass the interim moments with television—as so many of us pass our interim moments everyday. The patient next to... Continue Reading →

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