Really Good Eats, and How to Make Them

Here’s where I post recipes my husband and I have created, learned, and enjoyed. They’re all vegan. And they’re delicious. Why the hell else would I post them?

If you follow along, you’ll get plenty of flavor, protein (yes, protein), and basically just have an awesome meal.

For each recipe, click on the title to open a PDF in a new browser tab. You can read and print it from there. Oh, and if you have a recipe or an ingredient you’d like to share with me, so I can share it with my readers, please send it to shortyspeaksblog[at] Enjoy!

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Really Yummy Vegan Cookies

(click to open recipe!)

My omnivore husband says: “Damn these are good. I’m going to have another. And … I think you might want to make some more tomorrow. Thank you to the: Best. Wife. Ever.”


Mind-Blowing Vegan Burger

(click to open recipe!)

My omnivore husband says: “These burgers are amazing. Seriously … meat eaters and vegans unite! The texture and taste, along with the fresh grilled veggies, it’s a perfect marriage. Just like mine 😉 I usually add pepper-jack cheese to my patty, and forego the nutritional yeast, but my wife and I love these burgers. They are a treat, and make any ordinary day extraordinary. I have lots of good memories with these bad boys. A ‘must-try’ for anyone.”


Vegan Caesar Dressing

(click to open recipe!)

My omnivore husband says: “Caesar Dressing is my go-to, whenever we have salads—which is all the time, happily. This is a simple, tasty, easy and quick dressing that is far better and simpler than any vegan alternative you can buy. And it’s far cheaper! A win-win, all around.”

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