Veganism Rocks

Here’s the question I always get asked, and probably what you’re thinking too: What’s Veganism? Dude, have you heard of Google or Wikipedia? I’ll spell it out for you:

No animal products.

No obesity.

No adult-onset diabetes.

No animal harm.

A significantly reduced risk of heart disease and cancer.

A reduced carbon footprint—which saves all of us, and our planet.

But what you really want to know, probably, is “Where do you get your ‘protein’?” or “Can I have a hamburger?” The answer is yes: I get more protein than you realize—the sources you consider ‘protein sources’ have tricked you into thinking they are the only ones; And yes, my hamburgers taste good.

Here’s where we’ll talk about that. I’ll share quotes, studies, links to vegan resources, facts, and my thoughts on veganism as I navigate a world consumed by its unrecognized obsession with the consumption of animals.

I also have a lot of good recipes to share, which I hope you will enjoy.

Let’s do this.

Excellent Books:
  • The Everything Vegan Pregnancy Book (non-fiction book relating to veganism and pregnancy)
  • How Not to Die (non-fiction book relating to plant-based nutrition)
  • The Omnivore’s Dilemma (non-fiction book relating to food consumption, production, and politics)

  • Excellent Movies:
  • Capitalism: A Love Story (documentary movie relating to capitalism)
  • Cowspiracy (documentary movie relating to veganism and carbon footprint)
  • Forks Over Knives (documentary movie relating to health boosts from veganism)
  • Inconvenient Truth (Al Gore’s documentary movie relating to global warming, and check out the sequel too)

  • Excellent Online Resources:
  • Current CO2 Emissions (NASA’s site with real-time carbon dioxide emission data)
  • Nutritional Facts (Michael Greger, M.D., FACLM’s amazing website with tons of resources!)
  • PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals—a good place to start)
  • Open the Future (Jamais Cascio’s site about futurism, politics, global warming, and cheeseburgers!)
  • World Wildlife Fund (Simply the best animal-protection and environmental organization around)
  • Climate Reality Project (Al Gore’s mission to save our planet)
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